dinsdag, maart 25, 2008

March again....

Hello everyone,

It's allready March again, time to update the weblog again. (I should have done this way before...) Time has gone by very fast and we can say that we've enjoyed it a lot!
We celebrated new years with our neighbours Ludolf and Ellen and made a real Apres Ski-bar in their barn. It was a succes and we think about doing it again next year! We had help from our good friends Udo and Martin, they were a good entertaining duo! We expected around 50 people, unfortenately it got really foggy at midnight and people stayed home. Nevertheless, we had a really good time!
In Januari we got a dog, a labrador named Bruce (Yes, named after you Bruce Crosby!!)
It is going really good with Bruce, after he took swimminglessons but didn't know how to swim... eating ratpoison, gave him a trip to the vet.... and capturing a container with 10 kg. of dogfood, burp.... we like him very much!
Must say that this starts to look like a pretty convential life, oohh my god.....
Now it's March again and were having snow, snow in March, I thought that was supposed to be for Christmas.... I'm hoping that spring will start within a few weeks, we're wishing for longer days and more sunshine. One positive thing about all this rain and snow, we're (Homburg company, were I work for) selling a lot of draincleaning equipment. Sales are going that good that we have to wait for parts for assembly and having a waitinglist on machines.
On the farm they sprayed their fertilizer durign the frostperiod we had in Februar, overnight they sprayed all their wheatfields with Urean, a liquid fertilizer. The reason they do this during frost is just because it's otherwise to wet to spray the fields. That's also the reason why they use such wide tires.
On the rear-side of our house they cleared a treeline and are working on building a new shed for storage of potatoes, wheat and equipment. Dimensions are 30 by 60 mtr. with solid walls of 4,5 mtr. Now we have a wide-open spaced view from our kichen towards the dikes. The wind has come into our home with all the trees gone, we have to hold our blankets tight at night..
As for some creative moments, I started to act in a play!! Yes, that's right I'm in the entertaining business as well, ghe ghe. This is a local group were two friends of mine were allready acting in, they asked me to join them wich I did and I must say it is really good. We have a humuorus play and have a lot of fun together. We started rehursing in November and I had my debute last week and I must say that it was great! The response from the audience was superb and the afterparty was nice!

Here are some pictures that can speak to your imagination.


At 25 maart 2008 om 21:01, Anonymous Anoniem said...

See please here

At 31 mei 2008 om 11:12, Anonymous Anoniem said...

hey saw you sent me a email but i deleted it try dudyou@hotmail.com hope all is well
(nice sprayer) Moi! Darren

At 3 augustus 2008 om 21:30, Anonymous Anoniem said...

Hallo Lasse en Simone
Aangezien wij geen e-mail adres van jullie hebben doe ik het zo maar even via de Blog. Wat leuk dat wij een uitnodiging hebben gekregen voor jullie huwelijk. Wij komen! En wat mooi dat de test aangaf dat het goed is met de baby. Spannende dagen komen er nu aan. Hebben jullie een leuke vrijgezellen party gehad? Zo te horen van Margriet en Gunnar is dat heul leuk geweest. Jullie hond is ook al goed gegroeid? Het wordt een hele drukte daar bij jullie straks nog 2 kinderen (buurvrouw) (en van jullie)erbij. Wij wachten in spanning af wat er allemaal gaat gebeuren. Heel veel liefs van Bé en Sjoukje.
e.mail. b.schuurmann@orange.nl


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