woensdag, november 07, 2007

Finally something new on the blog....

Hi everyone,

It took quite a while but finally a new post.
Today is november 6th, last year we were busy at Chinook (Moree Australia) harvesting north east of the curved shed. Wish we were there again as there are not many days that we don't look back at our adventure!!
Simone and myself are renting a farmhouse 5 k's outside of town in the Johannes Kerkhovenpolder. This is a 400ha polder which is all farmed by the farm we live at. For you, a polder is an old part of the sea and surrounded by dikes (dams) were they pumped the water out, so we live beneath the sealevel. There are two other houses on the farm, one for the manager and another is rented out as well. These are the 3 houses in the polder so we are kind of lonely.... which we really like! Simone got a new job at a newly opened fashionstore in the city (40 k's from here) see likes the job very much. The store is looking good and they sell really good!
For myself, when we got back I started as an independent businessman and rented myself out to farmers, contractors, dealerships and construction companies. After 5 months I ran into a company called Homburg, after a few meetings they offered me a job as their export manager for the Greenseeker, Weedseeker and their draincleaning equipment. We import the Green and Weedseeker for europe and the draincleaning equipment is exported worldwide. A nice challenge for me to upgrade sales and see quite a bit of the world! See http://www.homburg-international.nl/ for the company's website. Half of the time I''m travelling around the world, the other half is at home and in the office. Next week we have a big farmshow in Hannover Germany were they expect 250.000 visitors, so there must be some potential clients.....
We would like to hear from all of you...

Wishing you all the best,

Simone and Lasse